Find Your Focus

The platform for removing distractions.

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Work is hard.
Distractions are plentiful.
And time is short.
—Adam Hochschild

Work with time, not against it.

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Set Aside Time

Finding dedicated time to work is hard, but it’s the first step in learning to work healthier.

Rest Up

The most productive people take breaks. This allows you to refocus and get back on track.


Learning how you work is the first step to improving the way you work. Start working smarter.

Reduced Mental Exhaustion

Ever get the feeling your brain just isn't working? That means your working wrong. Adopt a healthier process and prevent burnout.

Healthier Work/Life Balance

By understanding what distracts you and dedicating time to work, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters.

Higher Quality of Work

As a result of finding uninterrupted time to work, you increase your ability to critically think and problem solve.

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Time Blocking

One task at a time. Set aside dedicated time to work. GrooveOtter prompts you to work in short focused sprints to achieve more and work less.

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Prompted Breaks

You work hard. Without any downtime to refresh and recharge, you’re less efficient and make more mistakes. Studies show that taking frequent short breaks make you more happy, focused, and productive.

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Personal Analytics

Understanding how you work is the first step to improving the way you work. Each day GrooveOtter lets you know how many minutes you’ve spent focused and what distracted you.

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Our Community

See what other like minded individuals are working on and show them some support. Whether you're working in the office, remote, or freelancing you can always be a part of something.

GrooveOtter helps you find your focus, then form powerful habits to stay focused.
— Thea Westra

I’ve been using GrooveOtter to help focus and motivate me. It’s really working for my writing.
— Ciara Conlon

Seriously, GrooveOtter — this platform is really working for me.
— Bob Stanke